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    All You Need to Know About Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    All You Need to Know About Recruitment Process Outsourcing
    Author: Vladimir Alekseev, Head of the Business Development Department

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO is the full or partial transfer of recruitment processes to a third-party company or freelancer in certain areas, job categories, and stages of the selection process. By simplifying and adapting the recruitment procedure, the provider of this service becomes the person responsible for recruitment in the company that ordered the services. To meet employment needs without increasing budgets for the staff or recruitment agencies, this business model allows companies to expand resources as requirements change. 

    Possible types of RPO: 

    • End-to-end RPO – an absolute takeover of the candidate attraction and recruitment process, following a set plan or impromptu recruitment. This type of RPO is most relevant for companies facing increased sales or production, when opening new divisions, when the season begins, etc.
    • Project RPO – search and selection of large numbers of employees. This service is suitable for companies opening new facilities or starting new projects. The service is also relevant when there is an insufficient flow of candidates, for a limited period or on budget. 
    • Selective RPO – a service that allows a company to delegate specific HR processes to a service provider. In this case, the service provider deals with various issues, such as maintaining the flow of candidates in mass recruitment, evaluating and qualifying candidates at any stage, adapting new employees, etc. 
    • Recruiter on demand – a service that allows a company to use one or many trained professionals as support from a third-party company to perform the recruitment function. This service is most relevant for companies facing a temporary period of increased work volume or a lack of internal resources.

    The recruitment process outsourcing is very relevant if your company:

    • Has the need to hire many employees. 
    • Is facing strict project deadlines. 
    • Wants to strengthen internal recruitment resources. 
    • Does not have a strong brand in the market. 
    • Plans to outsource the recruiting function to focus on more important company goals.

    Stafferty provides recruitment process outsourcing services. Stafferty promises you:

    • Individual approach to the project. 
    • Willingness to accept any challenge. 
    • The opportunity to find various talents. 
    • Strategic resource planning and search tools. 
    • Modern technological solutions. 
    • Experience working with the employer's brand. 
    • Continuous improvement and the ability to adapt flexibly. 
    • The pursuit of the best results and mutual success.

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