Rules for Providing Reviews
    Rules for Providing Reviews

    Rules for Providing Reviews

    These Rules establish the procedure for publishing the reviews on the official website of the company Stafferty International Staffing Group (hereinafter – “Stafferty”) at  

    The author of the review agrees with the following Rules for Providing Reviews (hereinafter – “Rules”).

    — Reviews on the official website and social networking sites of Stafferty (hereinafter – “Internet Resources”), presentations (including video presentations), printed materials, promotional materials, etc. (hereinafter – “Promotional Materials”) shall be published only after revision by Stafferty moderator. If possible, the original spelling and punctuation shall be kept. Spelling errors may be corrected and, if necessary, the moderator may shorten or modify the review without distorting its meaning and translate it into other languages. If part of the review does not meet these Rules, the non-compliant part of the review may be corrected while maintaining the overall meaning. The area of publishing the reviews covers any geographical area.

    — A review must be informative.

    — The author of the review warrants that they have the property rights to use the result of intellectual activities or third-party personalisation means (including text, graphics, photographs, trademarks, etc.) provided in the review or are using them lawfully with consent of the copyright holder. The author of the review undertakes not to provide images of other persons.

    — A review must be reliable, i.e. provide realistic information and not contain deliberately false information. The author of the review must have actually used the Stafferty services they are providing feedback about.

    — Applicable legislation must be followed in publishing the reviews.

    Stafferty reserves the right to remove at any time and/or not to publish the reviews without giving reasons and without agreement on this decision with the author of the review.

    Stafferty is under no obligation to inform the author about the reasons for rejection of reviews and/or removal of previously published reviews.

    By ticking the box, the author of the review agrees that their reviews may be published on social media of Stafferty Group companies (Stafferty BALTIC UAB, Stafferty BALTIC SIA, Stafferty BALTIC OÜ, Stafferty INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, Stafferty JSC, Heliosoft LLC, Stafferty Pharma LLC, Stafferty HR solutions LLC, Stafferty FinTech LLC, Stafferty Industrial solutions LLC, Stafferty Recruitment LLC, Stafferty Consulting LLC, Stafferty Energy Services LLC, Stafferty Business Solutions LLC, Stafferty Office Line LLC, , Ancor Personnel Ukraine LLC, CJSC Stafferty BY, Ancor Asia LLC, Stafferty PERSONAL Central Asia LLC) for the purpose of promotion or improvement of image of Stafferty Group without further agreement with the author of the review. The author of the review shall assume full liability for the content and reliability of published reviews.

    Stafferty shall take all steps to prevent the publishing of reviews containing the result of intellectual activities or third-party personalisation means without consent of the copyright holder.

    Joint controllers of your personal data shall be the Stafferty Group companies listed above. Email for personal data protection matters: Your review, name or nickname, company name and image shall be processed for the purpose of promoting Stafferty Group on the basis of your consent. Your email address, name, surname and company name shall be processed in order to verify whether you have actually used the services provided by Stafferty Group on the basis of our legitimate interest. The data shall be processed for 5 years. You have the right to withhold consent without any negative consequences, but in this case, we will not be able to use your review. You can withdraw your consent at any time by notifying us by email provided above. You also have the right to request that the controller give access to your personal data and rectify or delete such data or limit the processing of data, the right to data portability and the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority according to your place of residence (contact details of the supervisory authority in Estonia: The recipients of your data may be the persons providing services to the controller who sign data processing agreements with the controller. Your personal data shall also be processed in third countries according to Standard Data Protection Clauses concluded between the companies of Stafferty Group. For more information, please use the contact details provided above.