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    Market Research and Surveys

    Research and surveys from Stafferty is a service aimed at a consistent gathering of information about the market, your brand, and employees. Market and business research is a very important part of business strategy development.

    We perform the following research and surveys:

    Employee engagement research

    An engagement survey is the collection and analysis of feedback from employees in order to improve company performance.

    Based on the survey Stafferty elaborates action plan aimed at:

    • streamlining internal processes
    • building employer branding roadmap
    • regular monitoring of staff engagement

    Stafferty explores employee engagement using our own methodology. We also conduct focus groups as part of the survey to obtain detailed feedback from the staff.

    Employer brand audit 

    To understand the value of your company for potential and real employees, we need to make an objective picture of the employer brand position in the market.

    To do this, we analyze:
    • target audience
    • competitors
    • communication channels

    Salary, facilities, and compensation reviews

    A salary survey helps to understand the situation with the income in a particular market (region, industry, sector).

    Why do you need an earning survey?

    • To keep your staff's salary at the average market level.
    • To promote your employer's brand.
    • To retain and attract the most promising and talented employees.

    Before starting the research, we agree with our client on the positions and the list of companies that are important to compare. This allows Stafferty to obtain the most relevant data.

    Labor market analysis

    This service is a comprehensive study of the labor market in a particular region, namely:
    • demography.
    • competitive environment.
    • regional potential.
    • analysis of salaries by occupation.
    • availability of workforce in the region.
    • needs and motivation of candidates.
    • readiness of candidates for relocation.

    Our reports contain:

    • analytical conclusions on the attractiveness of particular regions.
    • recommendations for selecting a city or a region to launch a production plant, warehouse facilities, call center, or customer service center.

    Staff surveys

    This type of research is used to find out employees' opinions on a particular management initiative.

    It allows to:

    • make the right decisions.

    • achieve greater productivity.

    • promote the client’s employer brand.

    We provide a quick, efficient, and user-friendly survey on any topic of your interest:

    • cross-functional collaboration.
    • internal customer satisfaction. 
    • emotional background of distributed teams.
    • attitude towards changes.
    • and many others.

    If required, we can also organize focus groups and group sessions.

    Based on the results of the survey, we prepare a report with conclusions and recommendations for your company. 

    Our services

    Talent Mapping is a service for identifying talent availability and preferences in a specified region, sector, or role. Works best for scarce, in-demand, and senior positions. Candidate market research provides a comprehensive view of the current talent landscape, helping you to identify the best fit for your business.


    Outplacement is an inclusive organization of the dismissal process of employees and assistance to them in professional self-determination, job search, and future employment.

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